Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient and Changing Caregiver

New & Renewing Patients OVER 18 years of age  Click HERE.  To maintain an effective ID card patients must file to renew at least 30 days prior to expiration.

Existing Patients  Changing Caregiver Click HERE.    When there has been a change of care-giver of a patient who has qualified for a registry identification card, that patient must notify the state health agency of any such change within ten (10) days. Please complete all required information in blue ink, sign, and date in front of notary. Whiteout and cross-outs will void this form. Mail this form with a legible copy of the patient’s and care-giver’s photo ID.  

Change of Address Form Click HERE.  The Change of Address Form must be submitted within 10 days of moving.

To report your Medical Marijuana Card Lost or Stolen Click HEREInclude a copy of your id with the lost or stolen form.

  New and Renewing Patients Under the Age of 18 Click Here. Patients under 18 years of age need to use this form which includes the parent consent form.

Prior to obtaining your State issued Medical Marijuana Card you will need to get a recommendation from your Doctor.  You may want to call your Doctor first and explain the purpose of your appointment.   Some Doctors are unfamiliar with the procedures for writing Medical Marijuana Recommendations. 

Explain to your Dr. that this is merely a recommendation to the State and NOT a prescription.  As long as you meet the criteria as currently listed on the State Guidelines for Medical Marijuana.  If your Dr. needs more information refer him or her to our website,  where they will find the links to the State Rules and Regulations and all necessary forms for Medical Marijuana, or have them call us at (303) 455-9333 if they have questions.  If you do not have a Dr., Mile High Medical Cannabis has information on Dr.'s who are familiar with the process of writing Medical Marijuana Recommendations.  


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